Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Smile With Jasmine Flower

"Say it with flower..." that's the words you all may ever heard and known. It can says how much you love and care to somebody by giving them flowers. 
Get inspired from the children Milk advertisement on TV, where's a child giving a flower to his mommy and get a warm hug, show that there's a big love covered them together. That's very touching and inspiring my little boy - Zidan to do the same to me. He knows i love flowers, especially jasmine and rose. They are beautiful and aromatic. He used to pick the blooming jasmine from the yard for me. Every day, it always blooming alternately. These flowers also remains me of my ancestor - grand mother's house at Gombong, Banyumas. There's many flowers tree covering her yard. When they were blooming, the view was beautiful and amazing. 

Flowers can bring cheers and happiness to everybody. It can turn your bad mood into a good one. Helps you to get rid of the stress from your mine. Most people will be smiling when they smell the scent of jasmine. 

So..... try it and you can feel it.... !!


  1. @Fizan ; Hehhehehe...... tanya ma mbah google ajah

  2. hahahha...tentang bunga toh.. :D

  3. @Leny : yoi sis.... sekalian ngetest english writing juga nih ... :P

  4. jalan2 sore mbak,,, rencananya mo metik bunga yang diatas, tapi ga' bisa....

  5. Koq aku mencium gelagat bakal dipasangin tuyul pemburu dollar ya di sini... Postingannya mulai pake bahasa inggris nih ;p

  6. I like phrase "Flowers can bring cheers and happiness to everybody"..
    but the price of flower is more expensive right now..
    not afford for buy it.. :(

  7. Bunga yang indah, perlu translator nih mbak utk menterjemahkannya

  8. dirumahku melatinya ga hidup subur...
    hidup tapi tak berbunga

    posting mitos tentang bunga ini juga dooooong

  9. kalo ada yg subur, minta dioooong


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